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Cleaner Beauty Guide

clean beauty products

After months of searching and trying out some amazing cleaner beauty products, I have finally compiled my list of note worthy clean beauty brands.  My biggest advice is to take your time with it.  As I would use up old products or found myself in search of something better, I would swap out the old with a clean beauty item.  I think about what put in my body, so thinking about what I’m putting on my body just makes sense for my and my family’s overall health.  So without further ado, here is my list of product lines I am currently using and loving. (scroll to the bottom for my value guide)

Arbonne:  A very reliable company with long term customers who seem to adore their products.  It can be a bit spendier, but the quality is definitely there.  I quite like their mascara.  Amazing quality and made my lashes pack a real punch.  Products are gluten free and vegan.  $$$

clean beauty

Beautycounter:  I will be a customer for years to come!  I’m really loving this line.  I am using items from both their skincare and makeup collections.  Everything I have tried I have loved and have even ordered more products from them.  You can order online, or if you like some guidance (like I do), give my amazing girl @topknotmommy a shout and she can help you out. $$

Calia: I have been using their organic hair spray for quite a few years now.  It’s fragrance fee, fast drying, pump bottle, no animal testing, no animal by-products, no sulphates, and 100% Canadian.  Visit their website to see their full catalogue of products.   I purchase mine at Save On Foods.  $

clean beauty

Clove + Hallow:  A fab new award winning line of cosmetics that perform like all your beauty cult faves, but are made with clean ingredients.  You can purchase the collection online or look on their website for a list of retailers close to you.  For my local Vancouver peeps, you can currently find this brand at Harlow Atelier.   Fave feature is that you can buy refills for some of your containers so you are keeping your cosmetics out of the landfills. $$

Everyone:  This brand offers everything from essential oils, to hand sanitizer, to shampoo, to bubble bath. They truly do offer up products for the whole family.  They have the most delicious smelling spritz style hand sanitizer ever!  It’s coconut+lemon and people seriously comment on how lovely it is it whenever I use it.  $$

Hola: The is the most amazing and delicious smelling natural deodorant I have tried….and I have tried a lot.  It works great and smells amazing! This company was founded here in Vancouver.  They are currently out of stock in everything as there has been a change in ownership.  I hope they restock soon and that the quality stays the same.  $$

clean beauty

wearing Beautycounter Sheer Lipstick in Twig

Korres:  I was introduced to this Greek brand at a media preview event last Spring.  I have been using and wearing their skincare products and they are beyond lovely.  Korres is cruelty free, eco friendly, and their products have a high natural ingredient content.  See their site for more information.  $$$

Live Clean: I first starting using Live Clean products when my oldest was born.  We use their hand soap, baby soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and body wash regularly.  It’s become a household staple for us.  $

Lush:  I have shopped at Lush since I first moved out to Vancouver in 2001. I have used so many of their products over the years.  Fun Fact:  we had bars of Lush soap as our wedding favours.  My newest fave product of theirs is their No Drought dry shampoo.  It is grapefruit and lime scented.  Delish!!!  You just sprinkle it on, rub it in, and then brush your hair.  No more butane for this gal  $

Pink House Organics: This Vancouver based company has some really lovely products that not only are clean and work, but are so pretty too.  My top pick product from this line is their Glow Sticks.  They give a gorgeous dewy glow to your skin while giving your cheeks a pop of colour.  $$

clean beauty

Somerset Moss:  I had the pleasure of trying out this small batch Vancouver based line back in the Spring, and have been using it ever since.  It’s a botanical, adaptive skincare collection created by Holistic Expert, Sam Miles.  They have three products that make up the Somerset Moss Capsule Collection, the Oil, Facial Mist and Balm.  The products can be blended, layered or worn alone depending on what your skin requires.  It’s been a great addition to my skin care regime.  $$

Weleda:  I received a bottle of their Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Body Lotion a while back and only more recently cracked it open.  I have been loving it for my legs and arms this Summer.  It gives my skin a fresh, hydrated look.  I have used some of their baby products before too and really liked them for the kids.  I have purchased mine at Whole Foods.    $

clean beauty

Whiffcraft:  I brought my collection of skin care goodies from Whiffcraft with me when we were away on our Summer vacation.  It is so well priced and my skin loves it.   I use their Butter Me Up Shea + Cocoa Butter Face & Body Lotion.  It’s an all-in-one so perfect for travel.  I also use their Rose + Jasmine Hydrating Mist and their Foxy Face Revitalizing Face Oil.  The line is from Victoria, BC and a total must try.  $


$$$ Spendy but fabulous
$$   Won’t brake the bank & worth every penny
$      Cheap & Cheerful but still quality

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