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Curated Thrift Fashion For Sizes 10+

Curated thrift and vintage sites. I love them! I love perusing items people have hunted for and I’m a sucker for anything that is presented in a beautiful way. There was, however, one problem I kept running into when trying to shop these sites…they had nothing in my size. Anything being offered up was always in the size 2-8 range. Occasionally I would see a size 10, but I haven’t been a size 10 in years. I’m a proud size 14, which of course means a size range of 12-16. When I saw this was missing from the market, it was right when I was getting back into thrifting again after babies. Slowly but surely I started finding my stride in the thrift shops and falling in love with more pieces then I could possibly need. Light bulb moment!!! I could offer up these goods to the community of women who follow and support me. This is how my secondary Instagram page (@jenpistorcloset) was born.

Not only did I have a passion of giving new life to previously loved clothing, I also had some beautiful pieces in my own closet that needed to find a new home. I am so excited to be going into my third season (and favourite season) with my latest collection of new-to-you curated items.

I wanted to share a little bit of my decision making process for the items I have selected for you.

  1. Fabric: I love natural fabrics. Organic cotton’s, Tencel, linen, silk, and wool. Yes please! As much as it is a priority to find these fabrics, it is slim pickin’s out there for our size range. I purchase what I can, given that I find the garment itself beautiful and practical. (There are some really ugly clothes out there.) I do also purchase pieces made of synthetic fabrics. I feel like it is no different than purchasing a new item that has been made from recycled polyester. By reusing a synthetic garment, we are keeping it out of landfill and extending it’s life. PRO TIP: To help minimize the levels of microplastics created when laundering your synthetic items, wash in cold water in a laundry bag, use liquid, eco-friendly detergent to help prevent extra abrasion of the fabric, and hang the garment to dry.
  2. New and Old: I purchase both vintage and modern items. Vintage pieces have a story to tell and modern/current pieces have just started their journey with a lot more life to live.
  3. Fast Fashion Brands: I will select a few items that originate from a fast fashion shop. These items must be in brand new or next to new condition and the price will reflect the store origin.

It is also #SecondhandSeptmember and I’m here for it! I have challenged myself to not shop for any new clothing items for the month of September. I am, however, allowed to purchased secondhand items, whether from a thrift shop, consignment store, or curated site. Who else is in?

leopard print blouse: will be available for sale on my secondary Instagram page @jenpistorcloset / pants: purchased from Harly Jae / hat + tank: purchased from Addition Elle / shoes: gifted from Elizabeth O. Vintage

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