Black owned business
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Black owned business

Chokitem (pronounced Ch – ok – e – tem), is an innovative, eco-friendly, Canadian, Black owned jewelry brand.  Oh, and did I mention how beautiful their pieces are?  I was introduced to this sustainable jewelry line by local, Vancouver, fashion designer, Jess of Free Label.   She initiated a community based way for influencers, models, photographers, web designers, etc to be partnered up with a Canadian BIPOC owned business.  As someone who is actively seeking out sustainable, BIPOC businesses, this call to action spoke to me immediately.  Now, let’s chat about this amazing business!

Chokitem uses brass in all of their jewelry designs.  Brass is an amazingly sustainable metal as 90% of the world’s metal is recycled.  The brass industry, worldwide, depends on the recycling of brass scrap for its survival. Making brass from new copper and zinc is expensive and wasteful of raw materials.   Since new brass articles are made from recycled scrap, brass is said to be sustainable.  Some designs even combine bone reclaimed and recycled from the food industry. Instead of making it waste, they up-cycle the bone and give appreciation to the animal.  Each piece of their jewelry comes packed in an organic dust bag to protect your pieces, as well as a knit cotton cleaning swatch taken from the fashion industry fabric waste.  This is a company that truly keeps materials from going to waste.

On top of all the sustainable initiatives Chokitem undertakes, their designs are beautiful, unique, and well priced.  These incredible large hoop earrings are only $15.  The ear cuff (which I’m pretty sure I’m not cool enough to wear, but wear it anyway) also retails for $15 and the Eternity Bracelet is $25!  If you’re someone looking for a bolder statement, I highly suggest taking a peak at their choker collection.  Chokers are actually the inspiration for their company name.  They took the “Chok” from choker and followed it by the word Item (referencing the phrase, “Those two are an item.”)  The name represents the strong connection between you and your jewelry.  Love that!

Be sure to pop over the the Chokitem website to see their full collection.  Also, show them some love with a follow and shout out on Instagram @chokitem_jewelry 

Black Owned business

upcylcled jewelry

up cycled jewelry


*This is not a paid collaboration.  Jewelry items were gifted to me from Chokitem.

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