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sustainable shorts

Shorts! I never wore them until a few years ago. I have had a bad relationship with my legs for as long as I can remember. Even as a slim, size 6 Gal of only 15, I had idiot boys telling me how HUGE my legs were. I’ve have moles, stretch marks, bumpy skin, varicose veins, spider veins, cellulite, hair, dry skin, chubby knees (as an ex-boyfriend teased me about for years), and all the things we’re told to be self conscious of. And after years having people point out my flaws and of suffering through being excruciatingly hot in pants or longer dresses on Summer days, I’m now happy to say “I wear the damn shorts!!!”
If this is a tough area for you to navigate too, I made a list of shorts worth noting that are currently available. Price range varies. Sizes range from XXS-4X. I have added 3 new pairs to my wardrobe this year since some of my older shorts just ain’t fitting so well right now.

1)Buttercream Clothing slim shorts / 66% Rayon from Bamboo, 28% Cotton, 6% Spandex – French terry/  XS-3X : $68
2) Free Label linen short XS-4X :  $148
3) Nettles Tale linen/hemp/organic cotton short XS-4X :  $109
4) Harly Jae organic cotton/organic linen XS-3X : $185
5) NLT (available through Fox+Wit) cotton No2 Short S-3X : $42.99
6) Hernest XXS – 4X Tencel + organic cotton sleep + lounge short : $79-$89
7) Pennington’s Responsible Tencel Short with Sash belt sizes 14-28: $55.95
8)Uniform Handmade shorts / available in many sustainable fabric options including hemp and raw silk / XS-6X : $145-$160

linen shorts

plus size linen shorts
I would also like to mention the Oge Ajibe linen shorts.  I was lucky enough to add a pair to my wardrobe this year and they are the most magical fit.  Her pieces were by pre-order ,which is now closed, but if the opportunity ever comes up for you to grab yourself a pair of her shorts, do it!  The fit is incredible.

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