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Three Questions With Jaime of Petal and Posy



Before we jump into the questions, please introduce yourself.

Hi! I’m Jaime (Owner and Designer behind the jewelry brand Petal & Posy) and I’m the wearer of many creative hats! I started my first business at the wee age of 22 as a self taught silversmith whilst simultaneously working in the photography industry. After taking some time off to start a family, I decided to pick up a new medium in clay and switch my aesthetic and it’s been the most wonderful transition. Beyond the creative inklings, I’m a true lover of classic rock music and a big makeup and skincare enthusiast who’s written a beauty blog that’s going into its 10th year… as you might guess I am clearly not comfortable having a sole focus and like to juggle multiple outlets of self expression.



  1.  Where do you get your collection inspiration from?
I like to say my style is “retro whimsy” – I adore anything mid century modern, 60s and 70s in aesthetic. Growing up in the pacific north west also infuses into my work a lot with botanical and celestial leanings. 
Petal and Posy

2. You designed a pair of earrings with your sweet 4 year old.  How did that experience come to be?

It was completely by accident but honestly listening back to her sweet voice guide me with colours is such a joy. I am so grateful I caught the sound bite on camera! She has a speech delay and these moments of back and forth conversation are so special to me. She’s not normally the type to sit and focus on anything and lightning likely won’t strike twice so I savour that moment.

3. Is there a design in your collections that you are most proud of and why?

I’m especially proud of my work with translucent clay as it can be challenging and I feel like it’s something thats become a signature of mine.  My goal is always to have someone go “wow how did she do that?!” and I feel I achieve it often when I work in my own blended translucencies.
Petal and Posy
You can find Jaime’s Petal and Posy shop here and you can follow her on Instagram @petalandposy or @girllovesgloss

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