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Curating My Plus Size Wardrobe with Poshmark

Poshmark Canada

This is a sponsored blog post.  Some of the items featured were gifted to me by Poshmark. All of these items of mine were sourced and purchased secondhand on Poshmark. As always, all the opinions and content are all my own.

Shopping secondhand while plus size can feel like a daunting task. Many thrift shops have a small selection of items in the size 14+ category, and many of the clothes are outdated and, well, not fun.  As someone who prioritizes secondhand shopping when the need or urge arises, I have found Poshmark to be the easiest way to find stylish, plus size pieces that work for me.  When I shop secondhand I’m looking for quality items, in mostly natural fabrics, that fit my body, my lifestyle, and my personal style.  The big, generic fast fashion brands, want us to look like a version of each other in styles they have chosen for us.  Let’s choose to find our individual style with handmade one of kind items, quality wardrobe basics, vintage treasures, and some creativity. 

A question I get a lot is, “Jen, how do you find so many amazing plus size items secondhand?  Any tips?” My answer to this question is Poshmark.  When Poshmark launched in Canada back in 2019, I was instantly impressed with how many incredible things I was able to find.  I dipped my toes in with my first purchases being shoes.  After that, I bought rain boots, a wool coat, and some tops.  Now, it’s absolutely my number one go to place to shop, after my own closet, of course. I have even purchased jeans on Poshmark using just a few simple tips to help my shopping.

{ I would also like to say, I am typically a size 14/16, and I know that I am on the small side of the plus size spectrum.  I acknowledge that this comes with a certain amount of shopping privilege with more options available in my size range than those in larger sizes. }

tips for shopping on poshmark

Here my search was “tee with shoulder pads” but other items can pop up too.  Take note of how people list things to help you with your searches.

Some things I search for on Poshmark, end up being items I find fairly quickly and with ease.  Other items are more “wish” items.  These are pieces I’m always looking for because you never know when the perfect for you thing might pop up.  Some of my top current searches on Poshmark include:

  • linen, plus size linen, linen tops, linen shorts, linen pants
  • band tees, cotton band tees, plus size band tees
  • plus size lounge sets, lounge sets, PJ sets, cotton PJ sets
  • vintage bags, 1930’s (1940’s, 1950, etc) handbag, vintage handbags
  • silk scarves


  • Know what you are looking for.  It’s easier to shop for a category like “cotton cardigan” then it is to just scroll and see what’s listed.
  • Take your time.  If you are looking for something specific, don’t just jump on the first option you see.  Take your time to see what else may be available.
  • Get creative with your searches.  You might start by searching, let’s say “white cotton cropped cardigan”, but should also check out searches with “cropped cardigan” , “white cardigan”, “white sweater”, “sweater”, etc.  Everyone lists their items differently.
  • Browse often.  Items get listed daily.
  • See something you like?  Give it a like!  There is a section in your profile where you can look at all the items you have given a heart to.  This can help you narrow down your on poshmark
  • Know your bust, waist, and hip measurements.  This is the biggest tip I can give you. When you’re shopping secondhand online, your measurements are everything.  Brands can vary greatly and knowing what will and won’t fit you, can have very little to do with the size label on the garment and everything to do with the measurements.
  • Ask for measurements if they aren’t listed. If you aren’t sure of the fit and the seller hasn’t listed the measurements, ask for them.  Sellers are usually quite eager to help.  I usually ask for “Pit to Pit measurements” , length measurements, waist measurements, and hip measurements.
  • Measure your favourite well fitting items already in your closet. Once you have the measurements from the seller, take your measuring tape to your closet.  Measure some of your garments that fit you well to use as a comparable.
  • Know your personal style and know your lifestyle.  If you aren’t someone who likes to wear dresses and find no need for one, don’t buy one.  Stick to what feels most authentically you.  If you’re a jeans and top kinda person, stick with that.  If a dress is something you desperately want to add to you closet, then let the search begin.
  • Look at fabric.  What is the garment made of?  I try to stick mostly to natural fabrics.  This helps me choose better quality pieces and eliminates a lot of options that may look cute, but I might not get much wear out of since I prefer the feel of natural fabrics.
  • Look in more than one size range.  As I mentioned above, sizing is really a guideline but measurements determine if the fit right for you.  I look at a wide variety of sizes anywhere from a 12 to an 18.  Most of us will have about a 4 sizes range that will fit us.

secondhand plus size shopping

A few other Poshmark shopping pointers:

  • Sellers will offer discounts on bundling.  Bundling is when you purchase more than one item from one seller.  This is also a great way to make the most of that flat rate shipping fee.  One item or three, the shipping cost is the same.
  • Don’t count out fast fashion brands.  I often find some amazing pieces from the big brand names.  Not all secondhand shopping has to be searching for the most epic vintage pieces.  Sometimes it looks like a cute pair of Old Navy joggers and a basic tee.
  • Shoes, bags, and other accessories are amazing things to find on Poshmark.  Some of my favourite most recent finds include my Stan Smith white runners and a circle, rattan, crossbody bag. (both pictured in the top photo)

Are you new to Poshmark?  You can use my code JENPISTOR when you sign up on Poshmark to receive $15 to shop with.

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