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Three Questions With Holly of Elizabeth O. Vintage

I’m back with my mini interview series, Three Questions With. I thought for Secondhand September I’d love to introduce you to some small shops offering beautiful, curated, vintage and secondhand items.  First up is the lovely Holy from Elizabeth O. Vintage.  You may have seen me mention Holly’s shop before, as we’ve collaborated together before and I have some amazing items in my closet from her shop. Without further ado, let’s get to know Holly.

secondhand september

Before we get into the questions, can you please introduce yourself and tell us what you do?

Hi Everyone! I’m Holly, the owner of Elizabeth O. Vintage, a vintage & lifestyle shop in Penticton, BC.  We have a brick & mortar location in the quaint downtown core, an online shop and Instagram.  I also host Grand Stories Market, a curated vintage & handmade market here in the Okanagan.
I wear all the hats in our business. I run the shop, source our inventory, manage social media, literally all the things, and do it with passion and love.  If you’re ever in Penticton, we’d love to have you come by the shop!

1. Where does your love of vintage come from?  My love of vintage really comes from my mom.  She went to design school as a young woman, and has always been a creative.  Her eye for detail and style is impeccable.  Growing up we had a lot of handmade clothes, dresses, knitted sweaters, the best halloween costumes, you name it.  So I really feel like creativity and appreciation of details is in my blood.  The connection to vintage has grown over time to become so much more.  I want to support the earth and create less waste when I can, so shopping vintage and secondhand is a way to do that.  As well as utilize my hard earned money to support my community and people in need.  I also think Vintage goods are like little pieces of nostalgia that can bring us comfort, and heal our inner child.

vintage shop

2. What has been the most challenging and most rewarding part of having both an online and brick and mortar business? (that might be more than one question. lol)   I find the most challenging thing of having both is making time for the work that goes into the online shop.  The brick and mortar comes first, whether that’s customer service, pricing and restocking inventory, merchandising, cleaning, etc. As it’s the more tangible part of the business, people can come in and touch everything in person, it needs constant attention. So our online shop gets secondary attention.  I currently have no employees, I’m working the shop 5 days a week, helping customers and doing the day to day of running the shop on my own.  So basically, I fit in the work of restocking the online shop in between customers.  So photographing products usually happens either during store hours or when I’m able to get in a little early before opening time.  Luckily though, I’ve had the online shop up and running for a few years since opening the storefront, so the large amount of the leg work has been in place and growing for a long time.  Since a lot of our products are vintage items, I’m creating a single product listing that will never get used again, is it worth it? of course! Because when we have an online sale come through, the time, energy and details that go into it, feels amazing that we’ve helped someone find that special piece just for them.  I’ve made a goal of growing our online sales this year, and slowly but surely working away at it to make that happen.

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3. What is your favourite thing you have ever thrifted?  Either for yourself or for the shop.  It’s so hard to pick just one thing! I had a couple of great marketplace finds that are in the shop for display, one being my peacock chair which has a spot in the shop for boho ambiance and for people to sit in that are waiting for someone that’s shopping. The other being a wall divider with a floral print that separates the back room from the selling floor.  Both are not for sale though!  There’s been some amazing clothing pieces over the years that have found amazing new homes with our customers, too many to count! In my own collection, I have a favourite pair of Orange tab Levis that I bought at a shop in Vancouver years ago, after many years searching for the perfect ones! Including some epic flea markets in California and coming up empty handed! I also have some beautiful wicker Herb baskets that I’ve thrifted that are displayed in my home that I just love so much.  I also have a bit of a thrifted sweatshirt addiction, my current fave is a baby blue Cotton Ginny one.

You can see a feature I did with Holly back in 2019, here.

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