Fall Checklist


 It’s officially Fall and the weather is right on cue.  For the first  time in a long time I’ve actually felt a bit chilled.  I’m loving it!  For a very pregnant lady, cooler weather is a total blessing.  Normally my Fall plans include time away with my husband,  shopping for new cool weather duds, and cracking open  yummy bottles of red wine purchased on Summer wine tour  trips.  This years plans are a bit different.  With our baby due  November 15th (less than 7 weeks away), I’ve been switching gears  into Mommy mode by nesting and prepping for our little  bundle.  For this year’s checklist, I plan to…

1) Get baking.  With a tree loaded with apples in our backyard,  I’d like to make treats like apple crumble.

2) Nest.  This cooler weather is a perfect time to finish the last  of my purging and tidying of cupboards and closets.

3) Decorate.  It’s time for me to get my  designer hat on.  I can’t wait to put my vision into the nursery.

4) Relax.   I’m cutting back on my schedule a bit  and taking advantage of the fact that I work from home.

5) Quality time.  With a very different a new lifestyle just  around the corner, I am trying to take advantage of some  quality time with my family and friends.  Right now they can  have all my focus over dinner or a games night, so I’m booking  them all for chill social get togethers.

6) Treat. Enjoy all things pumpkin.

7) Pamper. I plan to book myself a pedi, spa treatment, and  hair appointment all before the big day.

8 ) Delight.  My husband and I love Halloween.  We especially  love decorating our home for all the little trick-or-treaters.

9) Create. I want to buy pumpkins for a pretty Thanksgiving  centerpiece and then carve them up for Halloween.

10) Celebrate! We have so many occasions in October and November…my Hubby’s birthday, our anniversary, our baby’s arrival, & my birthday.


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