I am waaayyyy overdue for getting my hair cut and coloured.  The plight of the mom with no time.  What gets me through in-between appointments is topknots galore and great products like the ones photographed below from Keratase.  I received a gorgeous parcel just after Mother’s Day with these products and two silky scarves for myself and Maddie.  Madelyn, of course, loved that she got a prezzie that matched with Momma.  I was happy that the scarf  covered up my grey roots that are shining in the sun.  I have actually made a hair appointment for Tuesday to finally tackle my mane.  I have made one for Madelyn too.  Believe it or not, this will be her very first hair cut!  The time has come, but we will be leaving her locks long.

Summer is in full swing at our house.  I’m finding Summertime with three littles is fun, active, and exhausting.  I’ve been planning my weeks out to include some activities, outings, play time with friends, and play time at home.  Some days it’s as easy as a trip to Starbucks and Winners and other days it’s Day Camps, a Library trip, or fun the backyard with a big bucket of water.  We don’t really have plans to go anywhere, but we do have lots of visitors, which we love to have.   It’s all about keeping things light and fun this Summer.  Speaking of fun, Madelyn said we were pirates when we put our scarves on.  Haha!  I loved that so naturally we had to take a pirate pic.


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