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First Week Back to School

First Day of Preschool {Year Two}

Well, we did it! We made it though our first week back at school. It was a short week with Madelyn going  just three days this week. We were definitely dealing with a tired and cranky kid. I totally forgot how tired and grumpy she was last year for the first couple weeks of school. I thought that maybe she wouldn’t be as tired this year being that she’s that much older, but I was wrong. I think it’s the mix of excitement and new routines that tires her out. She’ll eventually find her rhythm.

When it comes to finding a new rhythm, I too am working on figuring out a new routine. I was totally anticipating a super productive day on Madelyn’s first day back. HA! Not so much. I felt like I was behind all day long. Well, probably because I was. We spent the long weekend having fun instead of getting organized. It was so worth it, so I’ve been trying to take this week in stride. Everyone is still being fed, watered, and bathed despite baskets of laundry laying around the house, dishes on the counter, and sticky floors. If you’re already feeling like things are chaotic in only the first week back, give yourself a break. It will all sort itself out in October….or November…or the New Year.

First Week Back to School {Day 2}

First Week Back to School {Day 3}

After Madelyn’s first day of Preschool (year two), I decided to do a little interview with her. I found this one (here) on Pinterest and thought it was a cute way to remember this time in her life.   Interviewing an almost four year old is something everyone should do.  The answers are well thought out, honest, and hilarious.  Some of my favourite answers of hers….

I love to: play with my sisters
When I grow up I want to be a: monkey or fairy
My favourite thing about myself is: I like when I’m funny
3 words to describe me: cookies, dancing, silly
This year I want to be: 10 years old

Happy first week back at school Mommas!

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