cozy christmas

Holiday Hygge

cozy christmas

hygge [hoo ga]: slowing down, getting cozy, and taking pleasure from the simple things in life.

Back in the Spring, I wrote about how important my home is to me and how I was getting cozy and achieving Hygge in the Spring months.  You can read about it here. We are now heading into my most favourite time of the year…and arguably, the coziest….the holiday season.  That holiday feel is in the air and I’m loving it!  This is going to be a year of new traditions as a family of five.  The babies were born on December 14th last year, but spent their first Christmas in the NICU.  This year we get to celebrate it all together.

cozy christmas


To ease into the festive season, we are all about the Hygge.  As things get busy, we work on finding ways to slow down, and enjoying the little things.  Here are 6 easy ways we get our holiday Hygge on!

cozy christmas

cozy holiday

1) Family movie nights. Getting cozy in the living room with blankets, pillows and a Christmas movie is my idea of a perfect night.
2) Baking. There is something about the cooler weather months that makes me want to bake loafs, muffins, and cookies.
3) Candles. Delicious candles lit around the house give the house a warm yummy feel. When the days get dark so early, a little extra light is needed.
4) Speaking of fire, nothing beats a night around our wood burning fire place. It is one of my favourite things about our home. For the nights when we don’t light the real thing, we make due with the ambience of the TV fire place. Everyone loves that channel!

cozy christmas

cozy Christmas
5) Hot drinks. Chilly days, require something warm in your hands to drink. For daytime you’ll catch me drinking eggnog lattes, coffee with spiced honey (Baileys on the weekends), and peppermint tea at night. FYI, also good with Baileys.
6) Decorating our home. When we get back from Palm Springs, it will be time to slowly start spreading that festive feel around the house.  I’m sure I’ll have lots of little “helpers”.  Haha!

cozy christmas


Photos by: Melissa Cartier

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    December 4, 2017 at 6:07 am

    […] Christmas is absolutely the season of the candle.  There is a lot of different reasons why candles are associated with Christmas.  I read that one of the earliest records of candles being used at Christmas is from the middle ages.  A candle was used to represent the star fo Bethlehem. Candles were also used to decorate Christmas trees, until we got to our much safer Christmas light option of today.  I love them because that make the house so cozy and smell great at the same time.  Did someone say Hygge? […]

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