Taves Applebarn Farm


Pumpkin Patch

It has become a bit of a family Fall tradition to head to one of the local farms for a day of fun.   This year we took our little crew out to Abbotsford to Taves Family Farm.  We absolutely chose to go on one of the busiest days of the year….a sunny Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. How busy can it be?  Haha!  Strangely, we were not the only ones to have thought to head out to the farm that day.  Let’s just say these photos a bit of a miracle.  I have so many with random people walking through the frame.  Haha!

Despite the crowds, we still had a great day soaking in the sunshine and exploring the farm.  We noshed on fresh grilled corn, apple cider slashes, hot apple cider, and candy apples.  We did two rounds in the corn maze.  Madelyn loved that there was a fun little interactive part involved with it.  There were slides and swings for little play sessions in between checking out the baby goats and their own feats of strength game involving lifting pumpkins!

Days like this are really about quality time together and letting kids be kids while exploring a whole new world.  We actually didn’t mind having a bit of a walk back to our car.  We couldn’t get enough of the spectacular views.  The last picture is a perfect example of the grander and beauty that is only a short drive away.  It is truly a family adventure not to be missed!

corn maze

twin dad

identical twins

fall farm

twin mom

mom blogger

fall farm

fall farm

fall on pumpkin patch

family farm


My outfit:
sweater: c/o Dex Clothing plus collection
jeans: Addition Elle
boots: Poppy & Barley
scarf: Emu (old)
sunnies: Barefoot Contessa (old)

On Madelyn:
sweater: H&M
pants: VonBon Apparel
boots: Joe Fresh
vest: thrifted

On Sabrina:
vest: thrifted
thermal top: Old Navy
pants: hand me downs
boots: Joe Fresh

On Lily:
denim jacket: thrifted
thermal top: Old Navy
pants: hand me downs
boots: Joe Fresh

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