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Self Love

Things I’ve Learned On My Journey To Self Love

body positive blogger

My body is not for others to judge.

My body does not determine my worth.

I can be both content and working on myself at the same time.

Women of all sizes can have insecurities about their bodies.

My soft stomach is not something I need to hide.

Skinny doesn’t equal healthy.

Loving women with different bodies then my own doesn’t mean I have to hate my body.

Real women have curves and don’t.  Have big boobs, small boobs, no boobs.  Have soft tummies and flat stomachs.

Compliments about my appearance are lovely, but I am so much more then the way I look.

It’s not my responsibility to dress in a way that makes others comfortable.

You can love yourself and still have a bad day.

Supporting other women does not dim your light.

Self love and acceptance is a powerful thing.

body positive

Body positive blogger

body positive

body positive

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