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sustainable undergarments

I’ve never been a big fan of lingerie.  Garters and lace.  Buckles and clasps.  Push ups and corsets.  It’s  not how I feel my most beautiful.   I feel my most beautiful when I’m comfortable.  I feel my most beautiful when I’m relaxed.  When I’m wearing soft fabrics in my favourite colours.  When I’m wearing something that doesn’t restrict my body but rather hugs it.

For the past few years I have freed myself of constrictive underwire bras.  They cause me discomfort and pain.  Why do we voluntarily torture our boobs?  Now that life has morphed into a simpler, slower way, and my clothing requirements have comfort at the forefront, undergarments have never felt more important.  I want my underthings to be made of natural fabrics, to be comfortable, still be cute, and to be made ethically.  This is basically the same things I seek out for my entire wardrobe.

As a woman who grew up wearing a bra and now has 40 year old boobs that do what 40 year old boobs do, I’m not actually comfortable braless.  I know for many it’s the best feeling, but I like wearing something.  Cue this adorable set from Earth and Elle.  This soft bralette provides me with enough support all day all while not feeling constricting.  It’s the perfect hybrid for those wanting some support and coverage, and all of the comfort.  Their bras and underwear are made with a beautiful blend of hemp and organic cotton.  The lovely assortment of colours and neutrals are inspired by nature.  Their garments are also designed and made here in BC.


Sustainable undergarments

ethical undergarments

sustainable undergarments

bra + undies: gifted from Earth and Elle
floral duster: Amelia Rose (old)

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