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Nesting For A New Season

vintage home decor

As we are now at the mid-way point of September, I am busy nesting for the upcoming season.  Yes, Fall is, quite literally, right around the corner, but so is the season of our family.  Our family of five has a season and Fall happens to be ours.  Not sure what I mean?  In October, we celebrate my Husband’s birthday, Thanksgiving, our wedding anniversary, and Halloween.  In November, it’s my oldest’s Madelyn’s birthday and my birthday.  In December my twins, Sabrina and Lily, have their birthday, and we celebrate all things Christmas.  All of Fall is celebrating traditions and the people that live in this lovely little house we call home.

Fall Nesting

Nesting has looked like purchasing the kids some back to school things, as well as new gear for soccer and ballet.  It also looks like cleaning out closets, purging rooms, organizing drawers and cupboards, and finding a place for everything.  I have also been sitting with my calendar, writing in all the scheduled things for the family.  I’ve been meal planning, laundering the never ending pile of clothes, and cleaning up after finally coming to a close on our kitchen renovation.  Yes, organization is part of my nesting process.  We have been slowly placing beloved items around the house and adorning our kitchen table with fresh cut blooms.  Pieces that I inherited, after my Grandmother passed, have been slowly making their way over from Vancouver Island.  All these action and items in an effort to organize life before our upcoming season of family.

Cozy Fall Home

There are certain little rituals I have that feel very Autumn to me.  Things like…

  • cleaning and purging the house
  • cooking and baking (pumpkin breads, muffins, casseroles, and other comfort foods)
  • sipping hot tea for my afternoon pick-me-up
  • putting our Summer clothes away and swapping in the warm and cozy sweaters
  • harvesting the garden
  • lighting candles and cozy living room family nights in
  • having fresh cut, in season, flowers in the house

I like to be surrounded by the little things that bring me joy.  My children’s artwork, my grandmother’s vase, the painting by my grandfather, the silly wine cork holder we bought on our honeymoon, all my plants, and some pretty flowers.

Fall Florals

If you’re looking to have beautiful blooms delivered right to your door (or perhaps as a gift to someone), visit Vancouver flower subscription company Bear’s Blooms.  They ship buds, not blooms.  Once your bouquet is delivered, your flowers will bloom within about 24-48 hours.  This way your flowers last longer.  They are a sustainable flower company that works directly with local farmers to ship in-season flowers.  They waste less flowers by buying exactly to order and they collect and reuse last week’s boxes to extend the life of their packaging.


This is a sponsored blog post.  As always, all opinions and reviews are my own. 

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