Kantamanto Market
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Have You Heard of Kantamanto Market?

Kantamanto Market is the largest secondhand market in the world.  Located in Accra, Ghana, it is the place where our donated castoffs are sent.  It is estimated that only about 10% of donated clothing is actually sold in our local communities.  Whatever doesn’t sell is packed into bales and shipped to the Global South.  So let’s do a quick breakdown of how the system works.  We donate our unwanted clothing items to our local thrift shop. Unsold items are packed…

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ethical kids clothes
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Sustainable Kids Wardrobes. Can It Be Done?

All three kids are wearing outfits from PK Beans (last year).  Runners will all bought new. Lily’s headband was from a Halloween costume.  Whenever I do a Google search for ethically made brands for kids, I see a ton of blog posts, featuring “affordable” options for kids ranging in cost of $25 for a t-shirt to $80+ for a dress.  Do I love these pieces?  Yes!  Do I wish I could buy exclusively this way?  Yes!  I adore quality, timeless,…

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Sustainable trends
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Trends Are Nothing New

I was a teenager back in the 90’s.  In the 90’s the trends were very 70’s inspired.  Wide leg, bell bottom jeans, cropped tops, and platform shoes.  Does this sound familiar?  It is what is currently happening in 2022 trends.  The 90’s and Y2K fashion have come back in a big way.  Tons of younger people (and young at heart) are wearing MTV tees, low rise denim, wide legged pants, and obscenely high platforms all in the name of being…

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sustainable gifts

My Green Gift Guide

I read recently, in Forage and Sustain‘s Sustainable Gift Guide, that 90% of products that are returned during the holiday season get trashed. Trashed! It’s more expensive for the big box stores and giant fast fashion chains to dispose of these items rather than try to resell them.  That’s a lot of waste.  Our goal should be to try to avoid returns at all costs.  Returns hurt small shops bottom line, and the big guys send it to landfill.  I’m…

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vintage home decor

Nesting For A New Season

As we are now at the mid-way point of September, I am busy nesting for the upcoming season.  Yes, Fall is, quite literally, right around the corner, but so is the season of our family.  Our family of five has a season and Fall happens to be ours.  Not sure what I mean?  In October, we celebrate my Husband’s birthday, Thanksgiving, our wedding anniversary, and Halloween.  In November, it’s my oldest’s Madelyn’s birthday and my birthday.  In December my twins,…

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