orange shirt day

Three Questions With Christine of Awasis Boutique

Christine Marie is the founder of Saskatchewan based brand Awasis Boutique.  Christine is a Mom of two little ones and a woman of Metis + Filipino roots. While taking time off from teaching to be a stay at home Mom, Christine put her teaching areas of Home Economics + Native Studies to use. What started off as sewing a few bibs + aprons for another Mom, soon got some exposure on social media and Christine quickly started receiving multiple orders. This…

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ultra fast fashion
Fashion Truths Style

Why Ultra Fast Fashion Brand Shein Is The Worst

I want to start this conversation off by first saying, if you have bought from Shein before, YOU are not the worst.  That is not what this post is about.  This is about a big corporation and their contribution to a Global issue.  We as individuals are not the ones solely responsible for changing the fashion landscape.  Governments and big business are the ones responsible.  However, if like me, you are wanting to know more about the fashion evils plaguing…

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Mini Tipi

Indigenous Canadian Brand Guide

I am passionate about supporting small, Canadian owned businesses.  Over the past couple of  years, I’ve been making an effort to shop more BIPOC owned, small, Canadian businesses.  There are some incredible small Indigenous owned brands that I have shopped with and so many more I keep discovering.  If you are looking to shop Indigenous shops, but aren’t familiar with many, I have created a list as a starting point.  The list includes apparel brands, beauty and wellness items, home…

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oge ajibe
Slow Fashion Style

Three Questions With Oge Ajibe

For my  next instalment in my series, 3 Questions With, I’m chatting with Vancouver Fashion Designer, Oge Ajibe. Oge started out as an event clothing brand while still under the brand name Fashion Voice. They focused on making outfits for events such as weddings, proms and birthday parties. However, with the on-set of COVID-19, all events were put on hold indefinitely. Oge was pushed to pivot the business towards ready to wear apparel. Considering their clients’ needs even during a global pandemic, they decided to…

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mindful donations
Fashion Truths Slow Fashion

What To Do With Clothes Once You Are Done With Them

A very big contributor to our global, heaping, landfill crisis is clothing.  Usually cheap, fast fashion, clothing that has been worn less than 7 times and is now considered garbage by the purchaser.  So the best thing to do with your unloved clothing once you no longer want or need that items is to donate it.  Right?  Well, not really. There are many reasons we donate or dispose of our clothing.  Some of these reasons include: They may no longer…

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