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Let’s Talk Fabric

Over the past several years, I have been on a journey to a more sustainable and ethical wardrobe.  So, what does that mean?  For me that has meant choosing to buy less, wearing the items I already own more and for longer, mending or altering when possible, shopping secondhand first,  then opting for local sustainable brands next, and choosing natural fabrics whenever I can.  Over this past couple of years, I have almost completely quit shopping with fast fashion brands.…

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Let’s Talk Cultural Appropriation

A couple of years ago I was very kindly called in for using an inappropriate and culturally appropriated term to define a garment of clothing I was wearing.  I shared and posted this outfit above and used the word Kimono to refer to the flowy cropped cardigan I’m wearing.  As this piece was manufactured by a huge, fast fashion business, and I, a White woman, am wearing it and referring to it as a Kimono, it is problematic all around.…

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mom of three

One Year Later

Here we are one year after our whole world was turned upside down.  Life got locked down.  We were all scared in a way we had not experienced before.  Toilet paper was sold out, for some reason.  We were all washing our hands about 100 times per day.  We were staying home and making bread, because that seemed like the only thing we could control.  The list of sadness, anxiety, heartbreak, and overwhelm is too long to share.  I know…

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Slow Fashion Style

Slowing Down Fashion

hat: old , shirt: Buttercream Clothing , wool blazer: thrifted , straw clutch: old, pants: Harley Jae   When it comes to the conversation around Fast Fashion, it often goes like this…Fast Fashion is bad and therefore those who consume fast fashion must be bad too, right?   Wrong. Over the past few years, I have taken the deep dive into committing to change my consumer behaviour, moving away from fast fashion, and making purchases with mindfulness and need over…

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Gift Guide for Black & Indigenous Owned Businesses

Each Holiday season I like to promote small businesses.  I have either worked for or owned a small business over the past 20+ years.  Small businesses will always have my heart.  I understand first hand the impact that shopping local has.  This year I wanted to shine the light onto some amazing Canadian, Black, and Indigenous Owned Businesses.  Rather than our money going strictly to the big (predominantly White owned) companies, who already have a lot of money, support, small,…

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