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Motherhood Style

The Mom Romper For Every Body

We have long adored our children’s wardrobes for their function, adorableness, and comfort.  It was only a matter of time before we stole something for ourselves.  Cue the mom romper!  The romper has come on strong this past year.  If you’ve tried one, you’ll know why.  The comfort level is off the charts and there are so many fun ways to style them. I think we can all agree that every bod is going to want to get in on…

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An Outfit I Love

There are a handful of looks I gravitate towards in the warm weather months.  Denim cutoffs and a great little blouse are a no brainer look for me.  It’s funny, I only really started wearing shorts last Summer.  Now, they are practically all I wear.   Summer dressing should be simple with an ease to it.  Fabric is also something I absolutely take note of when picking out a new piece.  This linen/cotton blouse is perfection and checks all the…

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The Sweet Life Apparel

Five Little Things That Make Me Happy

  Five little things that make me really happy…. Our backyard patio, aka, my happy place.  It is where our kids play, where our family dines, and where I like to unwind with a glass of wine after the kidlettes go to bed. Opening a new book.  Truth be told, I barley carve out any time for myself to sit down and read, but I love it so much when I do.  And not to mention that new book smell.…

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plus size fashion

Tropical Punch

This dress packs a real tropical punch!  I usually stick to the classic, basic hues, but this Summer I’ve been drawn to some fun, bright pops of colour.  This has got to be the happiest item in my closet.  These sleeves alone are like a party and I adore the cute, colourful fringe bottom.  I figured the only way to style this dress was to add more fringe!  Fringe earrings and fringe wedge shoes kick the fun up a notch.…

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self love
Self Love Style

Self Love Over Fear

  One of my biggest blogging fears of diving into the arena of self love, body advocacy, and body diversity has been opening myself up to hateful people.  I have been lucky so far, but so many of the women I follow and admire, have come under attack again and again.  Plus, there are the things I have had said to me over the years outside of the blogging realm.  I’ve always thought if people are bold enough to be…

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