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Summer Look | Jeans + Floral Top

Something has clicked for me in this past year.  A lightbulb went off, an a-ha moment, an awakening; call it whatever you like, but a shift has taken place.  I’m embracing who I am more then I ever have before.  I’m ok with my size 14 frame, but still continue to  work on improvements to my diet and fitness.  I’m content with being a stay at home mom while still dreaming and setting goals.  I adore our home, but continue…

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straw bag

Summer Neutrals

I love my black and grey, but this mustard seed colour just might be my new go-to Summer neutral.  It’s a braver choice for me for a couple of reasons.  One, kids equal sticky hands.  I swear I bathe them, but they always have sticky hands.  Lol!  I adore white, but this seems a bit safer.  Two, it’s not black.  Black is my safe colour.  It allows me to hide and blend in.  It camouflages my mommy tummy and makes…

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