Casa Dolce Casa


Casa Dolce Casa

If I was to describe my home decor style, I would label it as modern vintage.  With our home being built in 1940 there is a natural vintage feel to it with lots of bits of old character.  Over the years we’ve been updating the house room by room.  We’ve kept in character with the house, but have introduced modern elements.  Our palette throughout the home is in soft greys and white.  In my house you’ll find lots of pillows (my husband would say too many pillows), cozy throws, vintage teacups, ornate picture frames, owls, bits of pretty with candle holders and little spoons, and of course a big ‘ol clock.  Our ceramic  “Casa Dolce Casa” {or Home Sweet Home} hanging heart in our kitchen is a cherished item.  It was a wedding gift from my Husband’s family in Italy.  These are the things that truly make your house a home.  What are your most beloved items in your home?

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