What To Pack for a Summer Getaway


Packing Checklist

Summer Pack List

Packing is always such a chore.  I love going away, but sometimes loathe the packing process.  Having been away last week, with another trip around the corner next week, packing is on my mind.  I thought I would share my packing recipe to help with the ease of prepping for a summer getaway.

1) Think about what you will be doing on your trip.  And be realistic.  Do you need a cocktail dress and heels for a family vacay by the beach?  Probably not.  Break down your activities and plan outfits around that.

2) Don’t pack too many shoes.  I am always guilty of this.  I packed 3 pairs of shoes for our last trip and ended up only wearing my metallic  flip flops the whole time.

3) I don’t know about you, but when I’m on vacay I want to be comfortable.  Don’t pack those jeans that are too tight or a dress that rides up.  Pack your favourite go-to items with comfort in mind. And don’t forget about loungewear.  It’s nice to have cozy stuff to hang out in at your accommodations.

The Checklist:

  • a pair of jeans
  • a pair of jean shorts
  • 3-5 tanks/tops (depending on how long you are away)
  • hoodie
  • casual LBD
  • cardigan
  • swimsuit
  • beach coverup
  • beach towel (my faves are the Sunday Dry Goods Turkish towels)
  • sunnies
  • flipflops
  • a multi-purpose bag (can take shopping or to the beach)
  • a couple of simple accessories (hoop earrings, bracelet, etc.)
  • loungewear/jammies and slippers
  • sleep mask (you never know how bright your accommodations may be)
  • hair ties
  • ball cap (because who want to do their hair on vacation?)
  • toiletries / suntan lotion / hair brush / dry shampoo / shampoo & conditioner / blowdryer (if they don’t provide one) / flat iron / undies / bras


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