First Born

My first born.  She is hilarious, goofy, energetic, kind, cuddly, and growing up so flippin’ fast!  I get asked all the time what it is like to have a three year old and twin babies.  Truthfully, it is a lot.  These three little people rely on me for everything.  Not only that, I love to spend time with all of them, so navigating one on one time with each of them plus housework, cooking, and all those other fun things plus still having something left at the end of the day for my husband and for myself can be challenging.  (Current goal is mustering up some energy to fit a workout in to my day.)

I have said it before, but it takes a village.  Madelyn has been at her Nonna’s house for a sleepover for the past two nights.  I weirdly had this initial guilt that I was shipping her off so I didn’t have to deal with her.  This wasn’t the case at all though.  Summer is winding down, and I thought a couple of days with her Nonna all to herself would be something both of them would really love.  Maddie called us last night to tell us all about her super fun day, so clearly I was right.  Mom guilt is so weird.  Had she been at home with me, we would not have been able to do nearly as many of the fun things as she got to do.  It’s healthy to have your kids spend time with other family members.  It’s healthy to lessen your load from time to time.  It’s healthy to have a bit of help.  It’s also healthy to miss your kids.  I will be picking her up later this afternoon….Nonna only lives like five minutes away.  I can’t wait to hear all her stories, get a great big hug from her, and tuck her into her bed tonight.  Until then, I will enjoy some time with Sabrina and Lily and a few moments of piece and quiet.


outfit 1
t-shirt: c/o Little Crow Collective
shorts: Walmart
sandals: Winners
hat: Old Navy
bracelet: Shopkins
outfit 2
dress: VonBon
shoes: Native Shoes


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