Finding Joy As A Stay At Home Mom

When I was a mom to one, life definitely changed, but I still had a separate identity.  I was a part time blogger, an entrepreneur, and freelance stylist and writer.  While I was always working on finding that balance, and admittedly struggled with it at times, I was still able to pursue my passions.  Then when we decided to have one more and got the “you’re having twins” news, life changed immediately.  I made the decision to close my business and dissolve my business partnership, I phased out any social media work I was doing for clients, and finished up any last freelance commitments I had made.  I decided to hold onto my blog until I knew what life with three was going to be like.

Becoming a mom of three hit me like a ton of bricks.  Going from one to three was a shock in every way.  How was I going to care for three kids?  Would I ever leave the house again?  Can I love each of them as much as they deserve?  And when the heck will I sleep?  The list of uncertainties was long. As time has gone on, and these questions have been answered {The answers are: you just do, yes you will, you absolutely can and do, and when ever you can} and being a family of five has become the new norm, there have been new struggles and obstacles to overcome.  A big one for me has been shifting gears into being a full time stay at home mom.  I was a full time at home mom before the twins, but my mother in law could easily handle watching Madelyn on her own when I worked, which was part time and based out my house.

The new challenge for me has been to embrace motherhood whole heartedly by appreciating all that I have.  We often focus on what we don’t have and forget to take a look at all of life’s little riches.  They are all around us if we just take the time to notice and shut off the outside noise.  Three ways I shut off the noise in my life is by:

  1. Following people on social media who fill me up.  If you follow people who you only compare yourself to and consequently make you feel like you are failing somehow, then why follow them?  Keep things positive.
  2. I try to pay attention to what I am doing and find the pleasure in it.  That first sip of coffee in the morning, that new hip hop move Maddie is showing me, a first tooth smiling at me, quiet time when all the kids are in bed.
  3. Literally shutting off the noise.  There have been times when the house is so loud I can’t even think.  The babies are crying, Madelyn is yelling, the TV is blaring, toys are playing music….I mean really?  One of my favourite things is the Stingray Ambience channel.  They show beautiful scenery and play either soft, spa like music or nature sounds.  {This is not sponsored, this is just a legit calming tool I use in my home.}  Along with a couple of deep breaths, the whole mood of the house changes.

When I shut off the noise and keep the focus is on appreciating all that I have, I find I don’t really miss my old life.  My new passions I’m pursuing are my kids.  I’m glad I hung onto blogging too as I have made some great connections, had amazing conversations with you all, and find a real sense of community with you fellow mommas.  Sharing and talking about my life gives me that opportunity to take pause.  Thank you all for following along my journey.

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