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5 Day Holiday Hygge Challenge

holiday hygge challenge

I don’t know about you, but I am about ready to just hibernate for the rest of the holiday season and surround myself with all my little loves.  I’m no stranger to talking about Hygge.  I’ve already talked about it this season here.  {hygge [hoo ga]: slowing down, getting cozy, and taking pleasure from the simple things in life.}  I am obviously chomping at the bit to get out of the hospital (sick kids) and get my family healthy and together again.  It can be easy to get all wrapped up in the crazy of the season.  Give yourself the gift of slowing down and focusing on what is important.

I challenge you to my 5 DAYS OF HOLIDAY HYGGE.   Pick your five days and challenge yourself to take time each day to bring some Holiday Hygge into your life.

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Day 1:  Treat yourself to some new candles.  Even just the process of lighting a candle can be calming.  Find a holiday scent that triggers all those happy feels.  Personal fave is the Canvas Candle Co’s Best Coast.

Day 2:  Spend an evening unplugged.  Switch off the phones, close the laptop and spend the night with friends or family playing board games, drinking hot chocolate or mulled wine, or even spend a night with yourself (if you can).  A book and bath sound divine.

Day 3: Forget the crowds.  Get the family bundled up in your coziest scarves and toques and head out for a walk.  A daytime walk could lead to coffee and time at the park, while an evening stroll might be a good time to see the neighbourhood Christmas lights while sipping some cider to go.

Day 4:  Plan a family movie night.  One of my absolute favourite holiday family traditions.  Popcorn and blankets are an obvious must! Read more about my favourite tradition over on 

Day 5:  Make something.  Tis the season to do baking!  Bake a fresh batch of gingerbread, make your family’s favourite muffins, or anything else you fancy. Spread some holiday cheer and share some with neighbours, coworkers, and friends.  Homemade gifts come straight from the heart.

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