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I don’t want to jinx it, but I think Summer has finally arrived on the West Coast.  My Summer clothes are being dusted off and hopefully my sweaters can take a rest now.  If I was to sum up my Summer wardrobe must haves it would be….

a couple pairs of shorts
a handful of easy dresses
cute and comfy sandals
a great hat
a trendy little bag
fabulous earrings
culottes (my “trendy” item in my closet that I have been wearing a ton) I styled them differently here.
and some fun little tanks like this cute one from The Sweet Life Apparel.

I’m a simple gal with simple style.  Summer pieces should be light, airy, comfortable, and washable.  I can honestly say, I’ve ditched a lot of pieces from my closet simply because they were too much maintenance.  No one has time for dry-cleaning.

plus size fashion

plus size style

sweet life apparel

sweet life apparel

Speaking of Summer, how are all my fellow mommies making out out there?  This is my first Summer where I finally get the struggle moms have.  I feel like a kids entertainment programer on a cruise ship.  Since I’m always hunting for new sources of entertainment for the kids, I figured I’d share a few things my kids have found fun (and has kept them happy and quiet for a hot second).

  1. Buckets of water on the back deck.  We bought a few large, colourful buckets from the dollar store and fill them up with water.  I also bought sponges, shovels, some little fishes, mini fishing nets, and a few other things.  This has been the BEST source of fun on a hot day.  They will play for an hour or even two, in the shade.  On those real hot days I will give them a small bucket of ice to play with too.  Ice cubes are tons of fun.  Who knew?!?
  2. Trips to the Library.  We signed Madelyn up for the Summer reading program.  We go to the Library weekly for a fresh roster of books and she gets sicker rewards, etc. for completing a week of reading (which we do with her).
  3. I also signed Madelyn up for a couple of crafting classes at Michael’s.  Just $2 per class for her age group for one hour of crafting.  All supplies are provided.  Just sign up ahead of time.  On Fridays they make slime and those classes are first come first serve.
  4. For brief moments of toddler contentment, I’ve rigged up the pom pom drop.  An easy little activity that requires some toilet paper rolls, some large pom poms, and painters tape or washi tape.  You can see it here on Pinterest or check out my “Mom Life” Story archives on Instagram to see all our little fun and games.
  5. Dance parties!!!!!  It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, dance parties are always a favourite in our house.  Sometimes it’s the iPod + Docking station and other times it’s YouTube Kid Friendly Music videos.  Either way, they dance, I make dinner.

plus size style


on Me:
tank: c/o The Sweet Life Apparel (find it here)
culottes: Addition Elle
bag: thrift find for $3.99
earrings: Olive + Piper
shoes: Miz Mooz (old)

on Maddie:
t-shirt: thrift find
shorts: Walmart
sandals: Carter’s

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