winter outfit

Winter Is Not Over Yet

winter outfit

As I’m writing this, the snow is falling and the ground is white.  Mother Nature clearly isn’t ready for me to come out of my Winter hibernation quite yet.  As much as I love a cozy night in by the fire, I am longing for ease that comes with warmer weather.  I can’t wait for when we can just throw on some sandals and head out the door for a day of fun outside with the kids.

It’s easy to get into a mood slump this time of year as we can feel cooped up in our homes, as staying in is just easier.  To help push through these end of winter blahs (it is the end, right?), I’ve been doing little things that bring me peace and elevate my mood.  These things might sound small and insignificant, but to this stay-at-home-mom, they are the things that give me my sanity some days.

  • playing music
  • listening to podcasts while doing chores
  • sitting down to drink and enjoy my coffee while it’s hot
  • going to a weekly yoga class
  • exercising from home
  • diffusing uplifting essential oils
  • baking
  • lighting candles around the house on those dark, cloudy days
  • giving myself grace when it comes the the cleanliness of our home (perfection is not the goal)
  • rediscovering my wardrobe and styling up old items in new ways
  • taking note each day of what I am grateful for

Sometimes we just have to CHOOSE to be happy.  The simplest things can have a big impact on how our day unfolds.  Take time to notice your little joys.

Also, Happy International Women’s Day!  Here’s to strong women.  May we know them.  May we raise them.  May we be them.

winter outfit

winter outfit

denim hunter


jeans: Denim Hunter c/o Susan Cooper Agency  (These jeans are new and since denim has no season, you’ll be seeing a lot more of them for my upcoming Spring posts. Denim Hunter has some great styles including these Curvy jeans I’m wearing.)
top: Jackson Rowe
cardi: Vancouver Fashion Truck
shoes: Target
headband: had for years, don’t even remember where I bought it

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