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A Fresh Take on Secondhand September

secondhand september

When I first started taking part in Secondhand September, it was a way to hold myself accountable to my goal of slowing down my shopping behaviour.  September had always been a big shopping month for me.  I scoured through all the magazines to see all the trends to shop for in the fast fashion shops and cleaned out my closet of the items on that dreaded “NOT” list.  By pledging to only shop secondhand for a month, I had to shift my focus from what I had always done and try something new.  I am now years into my journey of slow fashion.  Secondhand shopping is a pretty regular thing for me. When I’m wanting or needing something, it’s where I start.  I estimate that about half or more of wardrobe I sourced secondhand.

At the end of August, I did a poll asking my readers if they would like to see me focus solely on secondhand fashion this September, or if they would be fine with some sustainable, small brand content as well.  As always, you all gave me the best advice and feedback.  You pointed out to me that Secondhand September is no longer a once a year practice for me.  It is something I am doing year round. Things have been hard for small businesses too, so taking away my support from those brands for a month doesn’t feel like the best option either.  Not to mention, there can be some paid work opportunities with those brands and who am I to turn down paid work?

secondhand september

jeans: secondhand from Poshmark / tank + cardi from Encircled / necklace: vintage / sunglasses: Tom Ford (about 8 years old)

So, what can you expect this Secondhand September?  I plan to not purchase any new clothing items for myself this month. It’s already the 8th of the month, and I have done no shopping at all for myself. I will continue to share styling, shopping, and shops that all focus on secondhand.  I have some great new blog posts coming this month that I can’t wait to share with you all.  Over on Instagram, I’ll be sharing styling videos and more with a focus on secondhand + some small brand love thrown into the mix. I have now reached a point, where slow fashion is my lifestyle.  It’s normal for me to shop this way now. It’s normal for me to consume less and focus on my style creativity.  I also recently shared that I need to slow down in how I share content.  I’ve been sharing slow fashion and a fast fashion rate.  It has made this outlet and part time work, feel overwhelming at times.  I want to continue to foster real connection with this movement. I believe that slow fashion is for everyone and that through education and the will to do better, we can make great change together.

Some things to look for this month:

  1. I will have a closet clothing sale coming up. Stay tuned for more info over on my Instagram page @jenpistor
  2. My “Three Questions With” mini interview series is coming back this month.
  3. If you would like to read more about Secondhand September, you can read my article for Vita Daily here.
  4. My September Newsletter is now out for my Patreon Subscribers. If you’re interested in supporting my work through a Patreon Subscription, you can sign up here. My two tiers are $4/month or $6/month.
  5. A whole bunch of fun new content + some other new things will be coming soon.

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