Rethinking Back To School Shopping

It’s that time of year when we’re being slapped in the face with back so school ads every time we turn on the TV or scroll through our social media feeds. My only school aged kiddo can’t wait to get back to school. Grade one is a big deal!

It can be exciting to shop for Fall clothes….my personal favorite season, so I’m right there with ya! It can also be an expensive time of year for parents and we can often get swept up in all the buying of the new things, but we need to pump the brakes a bit before diving on in.

There are some things I like to look into and keep in mind before I hit the mall. Maybe they will help you out too.

  1. The weather hasn’t really changed all that much. Chances are their current wardrobe will carry them into at least the first month at school.
  2. Go through their wardrobes and see what still fits. You might be surprised by what they already have.
  3. Make a list of the items that they are in need of. Lists help me stay on track and resist buying that super cute dress Madelyn doesn’t really need.
  4. Accept hand-me-downs from friends. We recently received a great haul for my oldest daughter from some good family friends. Madelyn was thrilled! It is absolutely the best gift.
  5. Hit up the thrift shops! I always check the kids section at the thrift shops. It is more challenging to find quality, good condition clothes for kids the older they get. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I still manage to find great pieces for Madelyn, like this denim jacket. You just need to give yourself time and keep going back. I also shop for things out of season if I find them, and tuck them away for later. I try to do this mainly with special finds or basics so I don’t end up with too much excess.
  6. Shop local. Yes, this can often be a pricier option, but the quality is so amazing. Any of my quality, locally made purchases last through all three of my girls and I’m still able to pass them on to my friends. I try to take advantage of any sales that my fave brands are having. I size up a bit whenever possible to allow a little room to grow and choose great classic pieces that can be re-worn and mixed and matched.
  7. I try and create a bit of a capsule wardrobe. I focus on a colour palette (as best I can) and items that can be worn together. And yes, there are some random items thrown in there too. They’re usually the pieces that Maddie loves the most;)
  8. Yup! I buy new items from mainstream shops too. I try to limit these items as much as possible and buy only what is absolutely needed. This is how I fill in the holes in their wardrobes or get those specific items I’ve had no luck thrifting them.

plaid dress: hand-me-down from friends / denim jacket: thrifted with patches I purchased & ironed on / runners: hand-me-downs / backpack: 3 years old (Kids don’t always need a new backpack every year. Reuse those school supplies whenever you can!)

top: thrifted / pants: purchased last Spring from H&M (she has lots of growing room in them) / sandals: Osh Kosh purchased new at the beginning of Summer

dress: purchase new in the Spring from small, locally made shop Little + Lively / cardi: purchased new from H&M one year + ago / sandals: Osh Kosh purchased new at the beginning of Summer

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